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The research is pouring in because of the dangers  of EMF radiation.  In fact, the studies from independent scientists and health experts is startling.  Researchers from from around the world are warning of the harmful health effects of power lines, cell towers, 5G, and other EMF sources. So please, take notice and don’t neglect the dangers. Most importantly, take steps to protect yourself and your loved ones.  Here are links to many websites with extensive EMF research. In addition, you will find some great videos to help you understand the dangers of EMF radiation…

Environmental Health Trust

EMF Scientist

BioIniative Report

Microwave News

EMF Wise

Electromagnetic Health

Cell Phone Radiation and EMFs – Be prepared to be surprised

The Truth Will Set You Free. Check Out These Powerful EMF Videos!

With all this in mind, you must take steps to protect yourself. That is where EMF Inspecting can help. Our goal is to help families be safe and protected in our growing electronic age. We offer EMF Inspecting & Consulting for the entire Minneapolis St. Paul and surrounding area, plus West Central Wisconsin. We also offer Nationwide Consulting by email or phone.

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