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EMF Inspecting and Consulting for the Minneapolis Saint Paul Minnesota Area!

You Can Be Safe! 

A friendly EMF  consultant will come to your home or business, do an inspection, analyze your EMF levels, and record the data. During the inspection we will test levels and explain what we are doing. Upon completion of the inspection, our knowledgeable consultants will discuss important issues and answer any questions. An optional Inspection Report is available upon request.  Because every situation is different, you will be given specific recommendations and safety steps to take based on your EMF inspection. In addition, we will specify danger areas to address, solutions to problems, and general tips for protection from EMFs. Remember, it takes someone who is trained and has studied EMFs to discover and correctly evaluate EMF problems and solutions. 

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The Cost of Health Care is Skyrocketing!

Medical expenses are rising. EMFs can do major damage to your health. With our EMF Consultants Service, one safety recommendation can keep you or your  loved ones from getting a serious disease.  Furthermore, reducing EMF radiation exposure can help people recover from their physical, emotional, and mental problems.  We love to help others become aware and be protected with our very reasonable and fast service.

How Important is the Health and the Safety of your Family?

Our sweet little children are especially vulnerable to EMF radiation. This is not just a business for us, we truly care and are passionate to help people be safe and protected. We would love to help you. Please, don’t wait. Every minute counts for you and your precious family!

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EMF Consultants will give you a specific report for your situation.