Nuked in the Nursery

People refer to microwaving their food as “nuking” it. But did you know that many people are also “nuking” their babies? We know that children’s skulls are thinner and their immune system is weaker. So it is a perilous situation, when modern day baby monitors bombard your little one’s room with dangerous radiation! What should be a safe sanctuary for your little sweetheart has become an EMF sending station blasting into your child’s brain. By the way, Mom is getting balsted by the receiver also! EMF Inspecting can accurately test your  monitors and explain the steps you need to take so you can protect your family.


EMFs Don’t Hurt You? Tell It To The Rats!

When rats are exposed to EMFs and then tested for cancer, only some of them develop cancer. Does this prove EMFs are safe? Some people smoke cigarettes and live to a ripe old age (although coughing as they go). But many others develop lung cancer, disease, and die young. Are you willing to take the chance? EMFs are dangerous. How much are they hurting you and your loved ones?

Microwaves Are Cooking You!

Sometimes we are so accustomed to things we don’t give them a second thought.  Almost everyone has a microwave oven. What people don’t know is that they all leak! The government standard for microwave leakage is 5,000,000 microwatts per meter squared at 2″.  The average microwave pours out about 1 million microwatts per meter squared. Scientists have found adverse health effects at lower than 100 microwatts per meter squared. That is 10,000 times higher than a safe level! At those levels we are talking cancer with major brain, reproduction, and  DNA damage. The intensity lessens as you get farther away but if you are in the same room  you are still getting cooked inside! Microwaves are not safe and they also destroy the nutrition in your food. Microwaves have been a staple in American kitchens for 40 years and it’s interesting to note that in the last 40 years the sperm count in US males has decreased 40% or more.

A Cell Phone Tower is Next to Your Head!

Yes, it’s not wise to live close to a cell tower but your cell phone is sending out it’s own powerful signal to the tower right through your brain. Just think, you have your own little cell tower broadcasting next to your brain!

We would be happy to test and show you the RF radiation coming from your cell phone. Then you can be the judge for yourself if it is blasting you. It’s good you to see the meter go off the charts because then you can visualize the dangerous radiation emitting from them. Otherwise, because EMFs are invisible, many people think they are harmless. But EMF radiation is far from harmless!

We have many positive things we can share that you can do you to protect yourself and your loved ones.  Also, we have protection products that work to shield EMF radiation. We would love to help you.  Every home is different and only a trained eye will see and know how to handle the problem of EMFs in your situation. You need to see for yourself and have someone explain the safe limits so you can understand just how powerful and dangerous EMF radiation is.  651-230-9429