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EMF Protection

EMF protection and safety is vital for your future health and happiness.   There are  many possible sources of dangerous EMFs in every home or office. 

Since EMFs are invisible, it takes a trained EMF expert to correctly find, measure, and know how to resolve the problems.

We are pleased to offer fast, economical testing for EMF levels in your home or business.  Contact us today for a fast, knowledgeable, and no obligation response.


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The Electronic Age

We all marvel at the advances in modern technology. Super computers, WiFi, and smart phones are amazing. Technology is developing faster and faster with more power unleashed. But at what cost? 

The more we advance in technology, the more EMFs are invading our lives. Basically, our society is sinking in a sea of radiation. Scientists from around the world are demanding better EMF protection standards.

The United States is the midst of installing 5G antennas and many people are unaware of the invisible dangers of this new technology. As a result,  we all need EMF protection services in this electronic age.


Safety Steps

With this in mind, what can we do about the dangers all around us? Here are the steps you can take to protect your family.

1. Contact us for more information or to schedule an inspection time. 

2. We will can test radiation levels and find the sources of EMFs that are affecting you. 

3.  We will discuss the results with you and give you recommendations that you need to keep your family safe.

4. Then you will have the knowledge to eliminate and limit the forms of EMF radiation that you are being exposed to.

5.  In addition, we will suggest protection products that will work for your specific situation.


Basics of EMFs Podcast

“It is a fact that EMFs can cause major health issues and our exposure is continually increasing. Everyone is affected whether they can feel it or not. We must take steps to protect our future generations. We dare not ignore the evidence.”

Jim Crawmer
EMF Specialist

Every home and business needs an EMF Inspection for safety in our electronic age. Don’t wait, EMF radiation is all around us. Save money with our limited time special of $50 OFF any “Safety Plus” Home Inspection. Protect your family and loved ones today!


For those of you who are out of our area or if you want to do an inspection remotely,  we can do an inspection via phone or email. Ask about our quick & easy “Healthy Home Remote Inspection”.

Healthy Home Remote Inspection

Our Goal is for the welfare and safety of your loved ones.  It is our pleasure to offer this valuable service to your and your family. We are located in Minneapolis-St. Paul serving the Twin Cities and surrounding areas. Plus nationwide consultations.

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